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Podcasts and videos where hosts have interviewed Chris Palmer, MD.  We share them as they are made public and add show notes a month or so later.

My Sugar Free Journey with Aarn Farmer 0

My Sugar Free Journey with Aarn Farmer

Keto resources you might start with Medical ketogenic diet bears burden of popularity despite being a useful therapy Keto resources for mental health and psychiatry Ketogenic Clinicians – Dietitians, psychiatrists, coaches, doctors and other...


McClean Hospital’s Mindful Things

Dr. Palmer is director of the Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education at McLean Hospital. Ketogenic therapy from treating epileptic seizures to mental illness

Chris Palmer Metabolic health summit facebook live 2

Join Chris Palmer on Facebook Live

Have keto questions that you’d like to ask Dr. Palmer?  Well Wednesday, August 28th you’ll get your chance. Join Chris Palmer, MD and Victoria Field, Co-founder of Metabolic Health Summit on Facebook Live. Come...

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