McLean Hospital Grand Rounds – Overview for healthcare professionals

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  1. Russell Geoffrey says:

    Thank you so much for the “Ketogenic Diet in Medicine and Psychiatry” talk at McLeans. I am a community psychiatrist in Eugene, Oregon, and I learned a lot about fats, cardiovascular/mortality risks and the keto diet.

    We are wanting to help my daughter, who has schizophrenia and has been on Clozapine for 3-4 years. She has somehow remained thin — until recently, when she’s started gaining weight (15 lbs in the past month), craving carbs. She’s willing to try a ketogenic diet. Do you have a journal article or video that is a bit more prescriptive/detailed about what the prescriber needs to do to monitor their patient (or daughter, who sees another psychiatrist who is short on time but has good intentions)? Thank you!

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