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Christie Barnett, APNChristine Barnett, APN

Christie Barnett, APN is an Advanced Practice Nurse with over 35 years experience working with people in mental health care. She currently has a private, outpatient psychotherapy practice in Millburn, NJ. As a nurse psychotherapist, Ms. Barnett has an integrative understanding of mental health as a manifestation of one’s overall biological, metabolic, social and psychological well-being. Nurse Christie’s interest in the ketogenic diet evolved from both personal and professional experiences. To learn more read My mother’s suffering spurred me to find keto. You can follow her keto food posts on Instagram at keto.nj Keto since 11/2013. Lost 50 lbs. and reversed pre-diabetes. Her family has lost 130+ Lbs. She is the mom of two 20-somethings.

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