Ketogenic Dietitians

Ketogenic Dietitians

These referrals are being provided as a service to the community.  I am not endorsing or certifying competence and have no financial relationship with any of them. They have expressed interest in helping  psychiatric patients as part of a team approach.


Therapeutic Ketogenic Dietitians (TKD)

These Registered Dietitians are experienced with the Medical Ketogenic Diet for epilepsy and are willing to work with your mental health treatment team.

Denise Potter dietitian pictureDenise Potter

Keto Dietitian. RD, CSP, CDE

Potter Dietitian Consulting

Denise has been a Registered Dietitian (RD) for 29 years. She administered the Ketogenic Diet to children with epilepsy and other conditions at the University of Michigan CS Mott Children’s Hospital for 11 years and now runs her own Private Practice for Ketogenic Diet Therapy.

She is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and a Certified Specialist in Pediatrics (CSP).

Denise received her BS in Dietetics from Michigan State University and completed her Dietetic Internship at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Candy Richardson keto Dietitian pictureCandy Richardson

Keto Dietitian. RDN, LDN, CNSC

Richardson Keto Consulting

 Candy’s history as a Registered Dietitian includes 6 years of clinical experience at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, 7 years of experience working with clinical research studies, and 15 years of clinical work within the Duke Health System.  In collaboration with Duke pediatric epileptologists, Candy helped establish The Ketogenic Therapy Center at Duke University Hospital in 2010.  And in 2019, she established the Duke University Health System Ketogenic Therapy Practice Council. Candy also works within a network of private practice, ketogenic specialists established through the Charlie Foundation.  And, she serves as a volunteer Registered Dietitian with the Samaritan Health Center, which provides medical care to under served residents of Durham, North Carolina.

Kelly Roehl Keto dietitian pictureKelly Roehl

Keto Dietitian. MS, RD/RDN, LDN, CNSC

Keto Dietitian Consulting

Kelly Roehl, MS, RDN-AP, LDN, CNSC is an Advanced Practice Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN-AP), and a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC) with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. She is an expert in ketogenic diet therapy for both adult and pediatric patients with epilepsy and other neurologic conditions, weight management, cancer, and general health. Kelly’s 10 years of experience in clinical nutrition, including ketogenic therapy and research as an Advanced Level Dietitian at Rush University Medical Center has resulted in numerous peer-reviewed publications and invited presentations in the area of ketogenic therapy. Kelly is an author of The Deliciously Keto Cookbook, and follows a ketogenic lifestyle, allowing her to provide practical recommendations.

Additionally, Kelly is the lead clinician on the adult critical care and nutrition support team at Rush University Medical Center. Her research interests include ketogenic diet and metabolic therapy, enteral and parenteral nutrition support, and malnutrition. As an educator, Kelly is an instructor within the Rush University College of Health Sciences where she guides the education of graduate students and dietetic interns, and is adjunct faculty at Illinois Institute of Technology. She can be reached at

Heidi Pfeifer                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Keto Dietitian. RD, LDN

Keto Nutrition Therapy

Heidi has worked with patients using ketogenic medical nutrition therapy for over the past 25 years.   She worked at Boston Children’s hospital before helping to start the ketogenic diet program at Massachusetts General Hospital where she has worked for the past 20 years as a clinical nutrition specialist.  She is passionate about her work because of the positive impact that it has on the clients she treats.  

Over the years she has authored multiple book chapters and co-authored peer reviewed research publications in the ketogenic diet field, as well as given lectures nationally and internationally.  In 2015, she was the inaugural recipient of the Millicent Kelly award for excellence and compassion in administering ketogenic therapies.  

13 Responses

  1. Lynn says:

    Could anyone inform me where I can find a Keto psychiatrist located near me? My daughter suffers with schizophrenia and has had no success with ANY of her medications. In fact, her symptoms have worsened. I live in Kingsland, GA and our family is desperate for help.

    • Cecile Seth says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s suffering! Sadly yours is a common story. While I don’t know of a keto psychiatrist in Georgia, we recommend building your own team. We describe how in our description of the medical ketogenic diet. If your local practitioners are unfamiliar with the medical ketogenic diet, they could add one of the professionals above to your team. You might find a local low carb practitioner on our keto resourcess page.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi there.
    I’m looking for a keto dietitian/nutritionist. I’m in Hawkes bay.
    I just want to be doing it right for weight loss.

  3. Janet Pew says:

    Is there anyone working on this approach in NYC/Northern NJ?

  4. Linda Rosenblatt says:

    I’m in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Do you know a knowlegable Doctor in my are that understand how to read the blood lipid fractionation? I’m on the second Doctor and he just doesn’t understand Keto and good LDLs. Once again I’m told to immediately go on statin medication. I have insurance but my next step is to pay a Doctor on telepromt 1400 for 90 mins. It would be nice to use my insurance to visit a Doctor near me, even 2 hours away.

  5. Linda Rosenblatt says:

    Thank you Cecile!

    • Cecile Seth says:

      My pleasure! Hopefully with your very specific list of requests you can pre-screen. It is so rewarding to see the numbers of practioners grow so more of us can find a local provider!

  6. Reema Nayar says:

    My son was diagnosed with BP1 three years ago. As a result of the medications he has gained considerable weight which impacted many aspects of his physical and emotional health. His doctor is working with him to adjust the medications but he is very keen to be on the keto diet and/or intermittent fasting to help with weight loss in particular, but ideally also benefiting his management of his mental health. Unfortunately he is skeptical of working with dietitians or coaches or doctors on this. However he would benefit from a guide or book or any other resource that you can recommend for him to develop and practice a keto diet/intermittent fasting effectively. Thank you!

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