Karl Goldcamp interviews Dr. Palmer for Keto Naturopath – Addiction and keto

Keto Naturopath with Dr. Karl Goldkamp podcast

Part 1: Episode 63 – Keto Naturopath by Karl Goldcamp interviews Chris Palmer

Show notes – Addiction and ketogenic diet

This podcast discusses behavioral disorders and a ketogenic therapeutic intervention.

 Diet and addiction

  • 3:20  Nora Volkow, MD. Director National Institute on Drug Abuse. Research implies some foods activate the same reward pathways as addictive substances.
  • 6:02  Alcohol and insulin resistance.
  • 7:02  Study of ketogenic diet and alcoholism.
  • 13:25 Alcohol converts to acetone and fuels the brain. (The big three ketone bodies are beta-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate, and acetone.)

Chris and his father’s success stories

  • 16:55  How Chris Palmer discovered low-carb dieting and his own metabolic dysfunction.
  • 23:45  Chris’s father’s story of diabetes and recovery.
  • 39:11  Chris’s personal diet and exercise plan.

Part 2: Episode 64 – Keto Naturopath by Karl Goldcamp interviews Chris Palmer


  • 8:05  Karl – Hard to encourage exercise to the non-athletic.
  • 8:42  Chris – Growing up with poor diet and no exercise

On a ketogenic diet people feel more energetic and want to start exercising

  • 10:33  Mental and emotional changes with ketogenic diet

Metabolic – mental connection

  • 13:36  Mental disorders
  • 14:35  Stigma of mental illness
  • 15:49  Mental disorders as metabolic disorders
  • 16:36  Diabetes and insulin resistance in mental disorders
  • 16:55   At onset of mental illness patient’s weight is normal. But their insulin resistance is already measurable.
  • 19:39  bidirectional relationship between mental and metabolic disorders

Ketogenic diet as a therapeutic intervention

  • 23:14  Ketogenic diet can stop seizures
  • 24:37  Epilepsy treatments are commonly used in psychiatry
  • 25:22  Metabolic defects in mental disorders
  • 28:15  More research needed
  • 30:00  Off-label treatments
  • 32:24  My hope is to better understand this metabolic-mental overlap
  • 33:29 Metabolic interventions don’t work for everyone. I wish they did. I’m using them to help those with serious, treatment-resistant illnesses.
  • 33:46  New schizophrenia research by Chris Palmer, MD
  • 35:46  Dream of a residential treatment program
  • 39:02  Hopeful that this is a game-changing way of thinking about and addressing these disorders

Part 3: Episode 65 – Keto Naturopath by Karl Goldcamp

Like-minded researchers and clinicians around the world

  • 16:41  Others currently investigating the ketogenic diet for mental illness.
  • 18:45  Many clinicians unwilling to use the ketogenic diet with the most serious. disorders. For example, bipolar, schizophrenia and chronic-disabling depression. Using the medical-ketogenic diet as a treatment requires a multi-faceted approach.
  • 20:40  I desperately want to improve the lives of psychiatric patients
  • 21:40  I want to motivate other mental health clinicians to learn about the ketogenic diet.
  • 22:40  It is going to take a movement to spur change.

Mechanisms of Action

  • 25:16  Medical practitioners require a mechanism of action
  • 25:57  History of ketogenic diet
  • 25:57  Better understood than any other dietary intervention
  • 27:49  Neurologist have been studying this since the 1970s
  • 28:23  Probably 20 different mechanisms of action have already been elucidated. They suggest why the ketogenic diet can stop seizures .
  • 29:19  Increasing GABA, a primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain.
  • 31:24  This diet also increases activity of Adenosine.
  • 33:10  The ketogenic diet helps repair mitochondria.
  • 34:19  The ketogenic diet stimulates some pathways that result in anti-aging.

Fasting and the origin of the ketogenic diet

  • 37:39  Fasting and the ketogenic diet both significantly change metabolism.
  • 38:15  Fasting has a long history
  • 40:16  The epilepsy world put it to some rigorous tests and they found it actually works for a real brain disorder, and you know they have been using it for a hundred years.
  • 41:08  Does not stop seizures 100%
  • 42:08  Some are skeptical of it because it doesn’t work immediately.

Lab testing

  • 44:19  Lab monitoring
  • 46:39  Cortisol.

Christie Barnett, APN

Christie is an Advanced Practice Nurse with over 35 years experience working with people in mental health care. She currently has a private, outpatient psychotherapy practice in Millburn, NJ. You can follow her on Instagram at keto.nj or MetabolicMultiplier.org

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  1. Kathleen Flynn, RN says:

    Listened to all three episodes of the interview, fascinating. So grateful you’re getting the word out on ketogenic metabolic therapy for psychiatric disease. It’s frustrating to hear that more practitioners aren’t getting on board, but it is reasonable to hope it will catch fire and spread as it has in the treatment of epilepsy and DM. Thank you for kindling the flame.

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