Keto Naturopath with Dr. Karl Goldkamp podcast

Part 1: Episode 63 – Keto Naturopath by Karl Goldcamp interviews Chris Palmer

Show notes – Addiction and ketogenic diet

This podcast discusses behavioral disorders and a ketogenic therapeutic intervention.

 Diet and addiction

  • 3:20  Nora Volkow, MD. Director National Institute on Drug Abuse. Research implies some foods activate the same reward pathways as addictive substances.
  • 6:02  Alcohol and insulin resistance.
  • 7:02  Study of ketogenic diet and alcoholism.
  • 13:25 Alcohol converts to acetone and fuels the brain. (The big three ketone bodies are beta-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate, and acetone.)

Chris and his father’s success stories

  • 16:55  How Chris Palmer discovered low-carb dieting and his own metabolic dysfunction.
  • 23:45  Chris’s father’s story of diabetes and recovery.
  • 39:11  Chris’s personal diet and exercise plan.

Part 2: Episode 64 – Keto Naturopath by Karl Goldcamp interviews Chris Palmer


  • 8:05  Karl – Hard to encourage exercise to the non-athletic.
  • 8:42  Chris – Growing up with poor diet and no exercise

On a ketogenic diet people feel more energetic and want to start exercising

  • 10:33  Mental and emotional changes with ketogenic diet

Metabolic – mental connection

  • 13:36  Mental disorders
  • 14:35  Stigma of mental illness
  • 15:49  Mental disorders as metabolic disorders
  • 16:36  Diabetes and insulin resistance in mental disorders
  • 16:55   At onset of mental illness patient’s weight is normal. But their insulin resistance is already measurable.
  • 19:39  bidirectional relationship between mental and metabolic disorders

Ketogenic diet as a therapeutic intervention

  • 23:14  Ketogenic diet can stop seizures
  • 24:37  Epilepsy treatments are commonly used in psychiatry
  • 25:22  Metabolic defects in mental disorders
  • 28:15  More research needed
  • 30:00  Off-label treatments
  • 32:24  My hope is to better understand this metabolic-mental overlap
  • 33:29 Metabolic interventions don’t work for everyone. I wish they did. I’m using them to help those with serious, treatment-resistant illnesses.
  • 33:46  New schizophrenia research by Chris Palmer, MD
  • 35:46  Dream of a residential treatment program
  • 39:02  Hopeful that this is a game-changing way of thinking about and addressing these disorders

Part 3: Episode 65 – Keto Naturopath by Karl Goldcamp

Like-minded researchers and clinicians around the world

  • 16:41  Others currently investigating the ketogenic diet for mental illness.
  • 18:45  Many clinicians unwilling to use the ketogenic diet with the most serious. disorders. For example, bipolar, schizophrenia and chronic-disabling depression. Using the medical-ketogenic diet as a treatment requires a multi-faceted approach.
  • 20:40  I desperately want to improve the lives of psychiatric patients
  • 21:40  I want to motivate other mental health clinicians to learn about the ketogenic diet.
  • 22:40  It is going to take a movement to spur change.

Mechanisms of Action

  • 25:16  Medical practitioners require a mechanism of action
  • 25:57  History of ketogenic diet
  • 25:57  Better understood than any other dietary intervention
  • 27:49  Neurologist have been studying this since the 1970s
  • 28:23  Probably 20 different mechanisms of action have already been elucidated. They suggest why the ketogenic diet can stop seizures .
  • 29:19  Increasing GABA, a primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain.
  • 31:24  This diet also increases activity of Adenosine.
  • 33:10  The ketogenic diet helps repair mitochondria.
  • 34:19  The ketogenic diet stimulates some pathways that result in anti-aging.

Fasting and the origin of the ketogenic diet

  • 37:39  Fasting and the ketogenic diet both significantly change metabolism.
  • 38:15  Fasting has a long history
  • 40:16  The epilepsy world put it to some rigorous tests and they found it actually works for a real brain disorder, and you know they have been using it for a hundred years.
  • 41:08  Does not stop seizures 100%
  • 42:08  Some are skeptical of it because it doesn’t work immediately.

Lab testing

  • 44:19  Lab monitoring
  • 46:39  Cortisol.
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