Bibliography – Medical ketogenic diet for metabolic and mental health research

ketogenic diet diabetes

Bipolar & ketogenic diet research

Our bipolar &  keto research summary article

Cancer & ketogenic diet research

Cardiovascular disease & ketogenic diet research

Epilepsy & ketogenic diet research

Our epilepsy and keto research summary article in Psychology Today

Inflammation, longevity and ketogenic diet research

Schizophrenia and ketogenic diet research

Our keto research summary article

Weight loss, type 2 diabetes and ketogenic diet research

Our keto research summary article

Useful overviews of low carb and ketogenic research –

Our keto research resources summary article

Citation library on

For a more extensive list of studies, visit Cecile’s citation library “Keto for Psych” on

With permission, I’ve added most of the research cited on However, Dr. Palmer was not involved in the choice and categorization of research for the library.

We’d appreciate any help with tagging and adding research!  We’ve curated research for each disorder and the ketogenic diet and summarize research highlights in our site bibliography

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