Metabolic Health Summit: 

Metabolic Psychiatry: A Patient-Provider Discussion with Christin Kehoe & Christopher Palmer MD 

At the Metabolic Health Summit 2022, Dr. Palmer and patient Christin Kehoe discussed her vulnerable and impactful journey of mental illness, drug abuse, domestic violence and years of failed treatments. With the rapid progression of research using the ketogenic diet in treatment resistant mental illness, Dr. Palmer offered Ms. Kehoe the ketogenic diet as a metabolic therapy. After 2 weeks on the diet and a long-term treatment protocol in place, Ms. Kehoe reported improvement in symptoms that allowed her to transform her life and pursue a graduate degree in design. Dr. Palmer and Ms. Kehoe’s full discussion can be found on

Low Carb USA Conference 2021

Dr. Chris Palmer – ‘The Ketogenic Diet in Neurology and Psychiatry’

In this presentation Dr. Palmer presents the role of the ketogenic diet as a metabolic therapy option in neurology and psychiatry, highlighting the bidirectional relationship between mental illness and metabolic health.

Charlie Foundation:

Dr. Palmer discusses the role of medications used to treat epilepsy in psychiatric disorders and how the ketogenic diet can be implemented as an adjunct therapy in treatment resistant mental illness. Dr. Palmer also offers insight into the current research, evidence and safety considerations utilizing the ketogenic diet as a metabolic therapy in neurology and psychiatry. 


Mental Illness as a Metabolic Disorder

Dr. Palmer and Michael Giardina of CrossFit Health discuss the Metabolic Theory of Mental Illness and how Dr. Palmer’s revolutionary new theory fills the gaps and unifies connections between mental and metabolic health, laying a new foundation in the treatment of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia using adjunctive metabolic therapies such as nutrition and exercise. Dr. Palmer provides strategies on how improving insulin resistance can improve mental and metabolic health. 

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