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Dr. Palmer is not currently accepting new patients and is unable to provide personalized medical advice via email.

Chris Palmer MD treating schizophrenia low carb md podcast

Dr. Palmer is a practicing psychiatrist with expertise in treatment-resistant cases across a broad spectrum of diagnoses, including mood and psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, and personality disorders. All too often, people have more than one diagnosis. Offering comprehensive treatment for all of the diagnoses and symptoms a person has is important. He has extensive experience with psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and complementary and alternative treatments.
When it comes to using the ketogenic diet in the treatment of psychiatric conditions, Dr. Palmer supports comprehensive and coordinated treatment by a multidisciplinary team, grounded in medical science. It is not just about food. This treatment incorporates medications, medical monitoring, diet, and support.

Elements of Dr. Palmer’s treatment approach include:

  • Medical consultation and evidence-based recommendations
  • Medical management and oversight, including:
  • Appropriate laboratory values, weight, regular glucose and ketone levels
  • Symptom rating scales and periodic evaluations
  • Management of adverse effects
  • Medication monitoring and adjustments
  • Dietician
  • Meal planning
  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Fitness training (when desired)
  • Meal preparation and delivery service (when desired)

As a consultant, he coordinates this multidisciplinary effort and works in conjunction with patients and their families, the treatment team, and other medical professionals.


Dr. Palmer’s practice is located at McLean Hospital – 115 Mill St, Belmont, MA 02478. Phone: 617-855-2180

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