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Cecile Seth MBA metabolic intervention keto

Cecile Seth, Co-Founder

Cecile Seth, MBA. Science Journalist


Cecile Seth and her husband have been keto since October 2017.  Keto helped her recover from skiing-related traumatic brain injury and manage arthritis. In the process she dropped 3 dress sizes and lost 50 lbs.  During this period her husband put his diabetes and hypertension in remission. Also, he is off all medications, lost 12 inches around his waist, and dropped 70 lbs.


In addition, Ms. Seth has seen first hand the impact of treatment-resistant mental illness on family members.


Key projects include privatizing Soviet Block companies after the Wall fell; selling and building multi-million dollar e-commerce solutions; launching a book club for Doubleday Direct, and teaching her profoundly deaf son to speak.


Alumna of Harvard Business School, Wellesley College, and Bain & Company. Co-founder. Ms. Seth’s other blog, STEMshoots, helps her suburb with community planning and strengthening its schools. Mom to 3 kids from 16 to 20.


How the heck did we get a Harvard Business School MBA to work with us for free?

My Sugar Free Journey with Aarn Farmer 0

My Sugar Free Journey with Aarn Farmer

Keto resources you might start with Medical ketogenic diet bears burden of popularity despite being a useful therapy Keto resources for mental health and psychiatry Ketogenic Clinicians – Dietitians, psychiatrists, coaches, doctors and other...

ketogenic diet mechanisms of action 1

How many mechanisms of ketogenic diet action can you name?

Mechanisms of action The ketogenic diet involves many mechanisms of action. Lowers blood sugar and insulin levels Decreases leptin Produces ketone bodies, which are an alternate source of energy, instead of glucose Changes neurotransmitter...

Chris Palmer Metabolic health summit facebook live 2

Join Chris Palmer on Facebook Live

Have keto questions that you’d like to ask Dr. Palmer?  Well Wednesday, August 28th you’ll get your chance. Join Chris Palmer, MD and Victoria Field, Co-founder of Metabolic Health Summit on Facebook Live. Come...

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Keto resources for mental health and psychiatry

LCHF DoctorsContents. Keto resources for psych. Keto Books. Building my team. Medical professionals. Caregivers & patients. Keto Community. Guidelines.  Keto doctors near me. Finding the best keto resources for mental health and psychiatry is...

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Relieving depression with the ketogenic diet?

Perhaps those suffering from treatment-resistant depression could find some relief with the ketogenic diet? Any attempt to try this MUST be medically supervised because there are both psychiatric and metabolic dangers in this dietary...

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Ketogenic diet lowers glucose for diabetics

Most versions of low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets result in lower blood sugar and insulin levels. So it’s pretty obvious how this could help diabetes. Surprisingly, this is not a new concept at all!  Low...

ketogenic diet Bipolar Disorder schizoaffective 12

Can a ketogenic diet successfully treat Bipolar Disorder?

The exact causes of bipolar disorder (formerly known as Manic-Depressive Illness) are unknown. Current treatments are mainly medications.  But they also include transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Unfortunately, for some patients,...

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